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This "Heart of the WINPRINT System" provides:

Quick estimate creation of all possible types of print jobs.
Fast, timesaving recall of previous quotes as well as sections of previous quotes.
Many versions of one quote for multiple quantities, types of paper and colour options.
Quotations for all printing processes including, sheetfed, continuous, Web, silkscreen and Flexo labels.

Quotes consisting of more than one component such as a book with a cover printed in a different format, on a different machine and a different paper can be done as easily as a simple letterhead quote.

The creation of your own templates allows you to produce a quote at just the touch of a button. At the touch of another button you can change the quote details to suit your client, and print out a personalized quotation letter with all the details of the quote, which WINPRINT can also print to PDF and email directly.

Email Quote

Regardless of the complexities of your client's requirements, WINPRINT allows you, the printer, to provide immediately.

No matter how many times your client wants to change his mind on his specific requirements, WINPRINT avoids the time-consuming business of quoting and re-quoting.

All calculations, settings and formulae used in the Estimating program are as per Printing Industry Standards


The major advantage of an integrated Printers MIS System is that the Estimate contains all the information and job specifications to drive the rest of the system.

The Estimate will have a record of the type and quantity of paper and ink to be used and how much it will cost, to provide accurate input to your Costing and Materials modules. It also has all the details of each production process that will be utilized, the time each will take and the costs involved, providing input once again to Costing, as well as Production Scheduling and Planning. The final details of the product and client involved, as well as the mark-up and selling price, provides the input for the Invoicing and Financial interface.

In WINPRINT these systems are seamlessly and elegantly integrated, providing a business wide automated information stream that eliminates duplication and mistakes and streamlines all operational processing.