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The Raw Materials module provides all the tools required to manage optimum stock levels and allow Just In Time purchasing.

Purchase Order Production and Processing flows from the Material Requirement Summary Reports in Order Confirmation.

It allows you to keep an accurate record of all materials ordered, received, issued per job, and available in stock.
Purchase order and GRN matching reports makes for ease of Accounts Payable reconciliation.

The system allows for elegant stock control through the production of Cyclical Stock Take Count Sheets with Variance Reports, Stock Valuation, Low Stock and Reorder Reports as well as a full transaction history report per Product and Supplier.


Import Finished Goods
Maintain Finished Goods
Maintain Stock Items
Purchase Orders
Goods Receive Notes
Requests for Credit
Issues to Jobs
Returns to Stock
Supplier Maintenance
Stock Adjustments

Import paper lists from Estimating
Export paper lists to Estimating

Stock Listings Reports
Fisnished Goods Listings
Paper Count Sheets
Finished Goods Counting Sheets
Low Inventory Reports
Items to Re-Order Reports
Purchase Orders Report
GRNs Report
Issues to Jobs Reports
Job Returns Reports
Stock Adjustments Reports
Suppliers Listings